Property of the Jesuit fathers since 1863, the Tanaïl domain is well known across the entire Bekaa region due to its antiquity, its standing, and its social works for underprivileged local populations. Since 2009 arcenciel has taken in charge the management of the Jesuit Fathers domain by developing its agricultural terrain. Encompassing 230 hectares, the domain never stops to strive for conserving local biodiversity and welcoming people from all across the country and worldwide. The affirmation is the 2500 persons who visited the domain per week: students, families, and all nature lovers. The domain remains as one of the rare places in Lebanon with well conserved and much varied woodlands and wildlife.
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Tanaïl domain's activities

A little more than 74.000 visitors in the year 2012! The domain is full of various activities such as hiking, cycling and horse riding paths, games such as archery and petanque. A natural setting ideal for camping trips, summer camps, and country picnic. Also for shooting video clips, wedding ceremonies, private events, and photo shoots in a traditional forest setting.

Tanaïl convent's creamery

100 dairy cows and a whole herd of goats provide fresh produce in the creamery of the Tanaïl's convent. Natural products manufactured in an artisanal farm fashion containing no additives nor preservatives, such as yogurt, pressed yogurt, butter, cream, fresh pasteurized milk, white cheeses (halloum, Akkawi, Nabelsi, kariche, majdoule, chanklich, double cream) and the famous Gouda cheese of Dutch origin, uniquely produced at the Tanaïl's convent.

Jesuit fathers' convent

The convent hosts anyone aspiring for a moment of self-reflection by guaranteeing an atmosphere of contemplation and spiritual guidance. Meditational retreats and personal prayers are provided, as well as memorials, along with catechetical and pastoral animation. Movements wishing to hold their meetings, training sessions or conferences are also welcome.